Sublime Text 3, shortcuts tutorials

Install sublime 3 in Ubuntu 14.04

Go to the official website of sublime text3 sublime text 3 choose your operating system, as I use Ubuntu 14.04 with my customized Gnome 3.14 Desktop environment,
download the debian package for ubuntu and install it, to install the sublime text 3 debain package issue the following command

$ sudo dpkg -i sublime-textbuild-3083amd64.deb
This command will install the sublime text 3 in your box, to launch sublime text 3 from command line just type

$ subl
Explore the shortcuts for sublime text 3

CTRL + P Find any project related files
ctrl + shift + p Open the command pallate, this command pallate is used to install addons
to sublime text 3
Installing Addons(plugins) on sublime text 3 to enhance the functionality of Editor

Go to the website Package control and click on install now , then go to the sublime text 3 tab and copy the python code, this code will used to create the installed package folder for your sublime text editor. Now open your sublime text editor and hit the shortcuts CTRL + `, this will open the console and paste the previously copied python code in this console and press return.

ok, after this step, let us install our first plugin for our sublime text 3, we will install the color plugin for the sublime text 3, to install plugin press, CTRL + SHIFT + P and in search bar and type Install, this will give you a list of suggestion, select Package Control: Installed Package and press RETURN. and again in this search bar, search for the plugin which you want

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